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Rules for using the SQC logo

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The Saudi Quality Council is a professional and voluntary initiative to Quality and Itqan Endowment and aims to spread the concept of quality to individuals, organizations and society through multiple programs that provide opportunities for education, quality improvement, and exchange of experiences and knowledge.

The Saudi Quality Council values your interest in spreading the culture of quality in the community and organizations, We thank you for your supporting the council along its way and your participation in the organizations provided by the Council, which we hope will be a source of pride and pride to you and you have the right to  publish this achievement to your organization with your successful partners of customers, suppliers, shareholders and other individuals and communities who are related to your business.

These rules aim to clarify the correct way to use the membership logo after you have obtained it as a reference to this achievement without getting embarrassed with the relevant official bodies and these rules will enable you not to make common mistakes from some organizations that lead to the wrong or unclear message about your membership, which may conflict with the Council’s policy in this regard.

Rules for using the membership logo:

  1. The logo is used on your organization’s official publications (visit card, envelopes, notes, letters) and can only be used in organization’s bulletins and advertising.
  2. The logo may not be   used on products, packaging, leaflets, posters, or certificates of services provided by the organization so that they are understood to be approved by the Board.
  3. The logo should be used with the design you will be providing without any modification of the design or colors.
  4. The following statements (approved by the Council, authorized by the Council, guaranteed by the Council) should not be developed as the Council is an educational body and not a accreditation body.
  5. You should not give the impression that membership of the Board means ensuring or accrediting the Board for the products or services provided.
  6. The following version is written under the slogan (Member of the Saudi Quality Council, Membership No. ….) an organization supporting the council’s activities as below.
  7. Failure to comply with the rules on the use of the membership logo may lead to the withdrawal of membership and any further action to protect the Council before official bodies.

Saudi Quality Council Member

Membership No (222)

A Supporting Organization for SQC Activities