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Contributions to Quality and Itqan Waqf

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Brothers and sisters….
Peace be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings, we ask Allah to bless you and you in what you have and do

We invite you to contribute with us to this cultural development endowment, which, God willing, will be like a good tree with a fixed origin and its branch in heaven will bear fruit every now and then for the quality society of our precious country and to provide a noble and sustainable message of quality of life.

My esteemed brothers and sisters…
Your support and giving to this blessed waqf is a generosity from you after God’s success in cooperating on righteousness and piety for a sustainable impact on our lives and hearafter.
May Allah reward you with the best reward, and may Allah succeed you and bless you…

Your brothers, Board members of Quality and Itqan Waqf


Contributing to the endowment

Deposit the contribution directly into the account of the suspension with The Bank of Al-Rajhi cease-end shares – endowment share 500 riyals

Bank account for Quality and Itqan Waqf
Bank Al Rajhi Branch of Al-Samar District

Branch number No 463, Jeddah

IBAN: SA2780000046360801018617


After Contribution, please attach the transfer slip and send it to the following email: