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SQC Main activities

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The Saudi Quality Council achieves its mission and objectives by providing the following key activities: –

1) Periodic scientific lectures in the field of quality and its applications.

2) Courses/seminars/training workshops in the field of quality and excellence.

3) Field visits to entities related to quality and excellence.

4) The program of the series of publications of books of the Saudi Council for Quality.

5) Excellence Quality Manager Award in Saudi Arabia.

6) National Quality Week.

7) National Quality Survey

8) National quality caravan.

9) The forum and the annual ceremony of the Council.

10) Local and international conferences in the field of quality and excellence.

11) The publication/periodical “Quality Horizon” for board members and the quality community.

12) Contribute to supporting certification and licensing programs for the field of quality and excellence.

13) Contribute to supporting and supporting the King Abdulaziz Quality Award (National Quality Award) and all similar local and international quality awards.

14) Holding scientific meetings accompanying international quality days.

15) Any other activities approved by the Executive Committee of the Council.