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Quality in Engineering and Construction Interest Group

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The group was founded at the beginning of the year 2005

نشر ثقافة الجودة و تطبيقاتها الحديثة في قطاع الهندسة و البناء بالمملكة العربية السعودية .

  • م/ عبدالرزاق حلواني      رئيس المجموعة
  • م/ طلال محجوب           عضوا
  • د/ أحمد العطاس            عضوا
  • م/ نبال انعيم                 عضوا
  • د/ هاني فتياني               عضوا

Over the past years, the interest group held a number of lectures and scientific meetings presented by many experts and specialists in the field of quality and value engineering in the fields of construction and reconstruction, and one of the group’s most prominent activities was the holding of the group’s annual forum on the sidelines of the international construction and decoration exhibition, which is held annually at the International Exhibition Center in Jeddah.

“On the morning of Wednesday, 18/5/1438, 15/2/2016, the sky is cloudy and the rain grains descend smoothly on our beloved city of Jeddah and in the lecture hall of the Saudi Organization of Engineers held the eighth annual forum of quality in engineering and construction organized by the Saudi Council for Quality represented by the Quality Group in Engineering and Construction in cooperation with the Saudi Engineering and Construction Commission in Jeddah Province.
The guests of the meeting were greeted by The President of the Saudi Council for Quality, Dr. Ayed Al Omari, The President of the Quality Group in Engineering and Construction M Abdul Razzaq Halawani, and members of the executive group M Talal Mahjoub and Dr. Hani Al-Bani.
The forum was attended by a large number of interested and specialized specialists in the field of engineering and construction because the speakers are of a high international level of experience and knowledge in this field.
The forum began with the presentation of an introductory film about the Saudi Council for Quality, and then the opening speech of the forum to the President of the Saudi Council for Quality Dr. Ayed Al Omari during which he explained that the organization of this forum came in recognition of the importance of quality applications in the construction sector as announced the activities of the Council for the coming period.
After that, the lecture series began, where the main lecture was by Dr. Abdul Razzaq Romani, a good scientist in the field of construction and has several books in the field of quality applications in construction, and gave a lecture entitled ( application of quality tools in the design and construction of sustainable buildings).

And the second lecture by Dr. Jamal Abdulaziz from King Abdulaziz University faculty of engineering entitled ( ………)
Then was the third lecture of engineer Yusuf Aqeel from Saudi Aramco company entitled (six steps to choose suppliers) and then the conclusion was the lecture professor Mohammed Al-Aishouni from Hail University entitled (continuous improvements in construction projects) and the attendees interacted with all these lectures, which received their approval, and this was clear in their presentation of questions and constructive interventions that followed the meeting and at the end of the forum the speakers were honored and presented a commemorative shield from the Council of the Saudi Authority of Engineers in recognition of their efforts to establish This forum provides them with all the equipment and ways to make it a success
The Quality Council also extends its sincere thanks and appreciation for the support provided by the Saudi Authority for specifications, standards and quality to the Saudi Council for quality and its various activities, which have had a great impact on the success of such meetings.”