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المحاضرات العلمية التي قام بها المجلس خلال السنوات الماضية

البروفيسور/ محمد زائري

Quality in the 21st Century: A New Dawn for Businesses and a challenge for Quality Professionals

الأستاذ الدكتور م. احمد الجيزاوى

Quality Assessment using Quality Loss Function

الدكتور / عبدالرزاق روماني

The main lecture of the quality forum in engineering and construction 2017

السيد فينسنت ديزموند

Scientific Lecture of the President of the British Institute of Quality CQI 19 April 2017 - Jeddah Hilton

م/ نيبال أنعيم

Quality in choosing the right technology

د/ محمد مقصود خان

Understanding the role of HR and its effects on the TQ output of People's work

Ernst & Young HR Leading Practices

د/ هاني العمري

Strategic Planning Concepts under the Excellence Award Criteria (Procedures and Evaluation Criteria)


Lectures of the Scientific Forum of the 11th National Week of Quality

السيد/ جي كى سينج

Secrets of success of companies listed Fortune Fortune 500 companies

م/ كمران موسى

Practical Aspects of Implementing Six Segma