Quality in Islam

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The concept of quality and improve overall work is not new for Muslims, Islam urges us to master the work calls for improving the quality and proficiency in work and make those who improve the best penalty work in the Al-Quran and a lot of the Al-Hadith, such as the Almighty as saying the Almighty ((making God who has mastered everything It is Aware of what you do)) ants 88, And His saying ((Those who believe and do good works We do not waste the reward of the best work)) Cave 30 and hadiths that urge improving the quality of work such as saying, peace be upon him "that God loves If one of you do it well." to the principles of total quality, finding that many of these principles may be interested in Islam and work to consolidate them and that, for example, but not limited to:
• love of work and proficiency in it
• Shura
• Audit and Accounting
• Faithfulness and self-control
• Work, Cooperation and solidarity among members of the community teams
Saudi Quality Council seek to make this site a reference for those interested and researchers for quality and the Islamic vision on them and look forward to the contributions of others in this area and welcome any topic or lectures to be published on the site until the benefit.
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