History of the Council

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You can see the commemoration of the 15th anniversary of the founding of the Saudi Quality Council in the Western Region of here.

Who are We?
Saudi Quality Council is a Non-Profit Organization / Council supported by more than 50 companies, government organizations, and educational institutions in the Saudi Arabia.
Mission of SQC
SQC advances individual and organizational performance excellence by providing opportunities for learning, quality improvement and knowledge exchange.
SQC was initially established in 1994 as a local chapter of American Society for Quality in the Western Region. The Society started with a more 15 members meeting together to share knowledge and has since then transferred into a dynamic Society currently holding more than 5000 individual memberships.

SQC's Main Activities:
• Promote and stimulate membership and participation in SQC programs
• Organize Local Seminars / Symposiums / Conferences / Technical Meetings / Open Forums / Panel Discussions related to Quality issues
• Publish Council Quarterly Newsletter "Quality Focus"
• Assist Council members to obtain the desired benefits from ASQ products and services
• Operate in a professional manner with other local / national Societies
• Assist Council members in obtaining ASQ certifications
• Create Network of Quality Professionals
• Interest Group for Knowledge Sharing
• Conducting Educational Plant Tours (Sharing of Best Practices)
• Publishing / Distribution of Audio / Video / Books at Discounted Prices
• Quality Manager of the Year Award Implementation Conducting Quality Application Surveys

SQC's Contribution to MEQA
SQC Presentation in MEQA 2nd Annual Congress in Dubai, UAE titled “SWOT of Quality Progress in Saudi Arabia and the Way Forward” delivered by Dr. Ayed T. Al-Amri, President of SQC. Please click the link to download the presentation

SWOT of Quality Progress in KSA and the Way Forward
SQC Presentation in MEQA 1st Annual Congress in Dubai, UAE titled “ SQC and Quality Progress in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” delivered by Dr. Ayed T. Al-Amri, President of SQC.

First: Knowledge sharing and learning
To lead quality campaigns, promotion of quality awareness in different fields such as education, health, environment, and information systems.

Second: provide excellent services and products
To provide services required by members against membership fees.

Third: provide quality certification
To assist members in obtaining quality certification (individuals and organizations)

Fourth: partners with members
To become an active partner with individuals and organizations.

Fifth: become quality's body of knowledge
To facilitate access to information and knowledge on quality issues, and to participate in establishing quality awards

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