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Quality in Construction and Engineering Group is an interest group that was established in 2005. It’s Mission is to Deployment of quality and modern applications in the engineering and construction sector in Saudi Arabia culture.

Group Executive Officers:

• Eng. Abdullah Khojah, Head of the Group
• Eng. Abdul Razzaq Halawani, Executive Officer

Group conducted a large number of lectures and scientific meetings during the past 5 years. All lectures given by many experts and specialists in the field of quality and value engineering in the construction and reconstruction areas. Most group's activities conducted in Construction and International Decoration Fair and which was held at Al-Harthi International Exhibition Center in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Quality in Education Interest Group
Quality in Education is an interest group that was established in 2005 consisting of professionals from the field of education in the Kingdom whose objectives are to explore different learning opportunities and sharing experiences among the group and beyond while implementing the latest available quality tools and techniques in education sector.

We hope to support you to action. If you would like to participate in the group or have any suggestions or questions, please contact:

Eng.Bandar AlQahtani
Phone: 050 5646002
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Some of this Interest Group Meetings and Events organized by the interest group during the past couple of years which are listed below.

No. Meeting Topic Presentation By Date
1 Excellence in Education
Dr. Yaser M Kahlout May 2008
2 Communication Competency in Class Room
M Khalil Al-Ghamdi Jun 2008
3 Understanding the Basics of Quality in Education
Ms Nida Y Fida Nov 2007
4 Quality Assurance in Education
Kamran Moosa Feb 2007
5 Excellence in Education Sector
Dr. Mansoor Al-Awar Sep 2006
6 Quality in Education & Development
M Bin Kamel Daghastani Dec 2006
7 Application of ISO in Education
Nael Saleh Apr 2006
8 Quality in Education Experience of Andalus School in e-Education
Dr. Hatem B Shafi & Mansoor Yousef May 2005
9 Quality in Building and Development
Dr. Mohammed Siraj Uddin Apr 2005

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