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The Saudi Quality Council (SQC) plays a prominent role in supporting the progress of quality in Saudi Arabia and promoting its culture and modern applications in the entire society sectors. One of the most important successes in this context is SQCs major role in launching King AbdulAziz Quality Award and its activities which came as a result of major efforts exerted by the Council and other advocates of the quality issue in the Kingdom driven by their awareness of the Awards role in contributing to reinforcing the economic growth in the Kingdom.
SQC along with its members and officials take pride in the steady efforts exerted for more than 20 years in promoting the mission of quality and its modern concepts throughout the community and in drawing the attention to the significance of developing standards and programs of quality control and to the need to establish national awards for quality in order to motivate both organizations and individuals. In due course SQC has witnessed national quality conferences convened under the patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abd-Allah bin Abdul-Aziz Work and planning will take place at an early stage to continually hold national conferences; and the Saudi Council for Quality will not spare any effort in supporting the efforts of the National Quality Committee in this respect
On the regional level, the Councils role was instrumental in coordinating and organizing Gulf Quality Conferences, having played the key role in laying its corner stone in Jeddah in June 2004 under the patronage of the then Governor of Makkah AI-Mukarramah, HRH the late Prince Abdul-Majeed Ibn AbdulAziz AI Saud. The Council is still continuing its efforts in organizing these Conferences on annual basis and in cooperating with Government agencies and the other relevant professional quality associations in the Arabian Gulf states. These Conferences have realized great success in promulgating the culture of quality and its applications on the various business sectors and in raising the awareness level on the importance of improving the quality of services and products in the Arabian Gulf states
On the international level, the 1st conference of the Middle East Quality Association (MEQA) held during March 2007 in Dubai was a remarkable event in the progress of quality in the Middle East. With the cooperation of the conference organizers, we succeeded in attracting international quality pioneers and scientists at a huge scientific gathering where the Saudi Quality Council boasts of its distinct participation through the work papers delivered by the Councils members who stood out as real stars that honored the land of the Two Holy Mosques
This short introduction, though, does not leave room for mentioning the Councils most important successes and achievements realized through the course of a number of years first and foremost by the support of Allah Almighty and then through your support to the Council. And we promise that the Council will remain a luminous flame in the road to success and advancement our beloved country is witnessing

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